Welcome to my website, The Federalist Presbyterian.

The main point of this site is currently the blog, The Federalist Presbyterian.  Here I will write about various things focusing on applying God’s Word to Faith and Life.  Discussing the Church, Faith, Culture, Government, Ethics, Art, and Humanities from a Reformed and Presbyterian perspective.  I will also write about my experiences in seminary, being  “Under Care” which is my being under the authority of a higher governing body in the Presbyterian Church called a presbytery, as well as my new life in South Carolina.

There will be more to come as I intend to add other content (a podcast and a YouTube channel for example).

All content, either written or otherwise posted, should be attributed to me as the site owner, and should not be construed to necessarily be the views of anyone else or any institution that I am associated with.

Check back often, and I hope you are blessed and edified through my writings which I seek to be faithful to Christ Jesus, my God and King.

In Christ,

Joshua Morrison